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Oulton Broad
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25th Apr 6.00pm
2nd May 6.00pm
6th May 6.00pm
16th May 6.00pm
23rd May 6.00pm
6th Jun 6.00pm
13th Jun 6.00pm
20th Jun 6.00pm
27th Jun 6.00pm
4th Jul 6.00pm
11th Jul 6.00pm
18th Jul 6.00pm
25th Jul 6.00pm
1st Aug 5.45pm
8th Aug 5.30pm
15th Aug 5.30pm
26th Aug 4.00pm
8th Sep



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Oulton Broad Race Meeting – 12/07/2012

Ten outboard hydroplane and OSY drivers battled it out for the prestigious Daily Mirror group handicap trophy in near perfect conditions for hydroplane racing at Oulton Broad. Area 31 Racing Team took third place overall with the classic 500cc Konig powered Popoli behind the overall winner, a very quick Wayne Turner in the modern 250cc VRP Trombetta hydroplane.


Race 1

With the group handicap event based on engine size (not individual handicap times), race one got underway with Wayne Turner in the 250cc VRP powered hydroplane outfit quickly followed by Paul Jillings in a similar GRM 350cc outfit.


Then followed the group of OSY 400cc hydroplanes of James Marr, James Bowman, Jason Freeman, Jason Lark and Danny Marden all fighting for the clear water at the first turn buoy. Last into the race were the two classic 500cc Classic hydroplane outfits of Peter Rix and Area 31 Racing’s David Jones.


Competing with the 1992 500cc Konig powered ‘Popoli’, David soon tussled his way through the group of 400cc OSY outfits and found a way past Peter Rix in the similar 500cc outfit. As he approached the Wherry turn on lap four the engine died and stopped. Inspection in the pits after the race discovered that the throttle coil had detached causing the engine to stop.


The race 1 win went to Wayne Turner who in the process broke Julian Codlings 250cc lap record setting a new time of 37.53secs. Second went to Paul Jillings in the 350cc hydroplane and third was Peter Rix in the 500cc Konny powered hydroplane



Race 2

Race two started with the boats in the same order again but this time David was able to get ahead of Peter Rix before the Wherry turn and set about trying to catch up with the modern 250cc and 350cc outfits of Wayne and Paul respectively.


David passed the majority of the OSY 400cc outfits up the back straight and on the top turn and with some clear water was able to put in some impressive sub 40 second lap times with the 1992 500cc Konig engine singing around Oulton Broad.


However this was not as quick as the modern 250cc hydro outfit of Wayne Turner and 350cc outfit of Paul Jillings as they once again took first and second place with David bringing the Area 31 Racing hydroplane outfit home in third.



Race 3

The final heat once again saw Wayne Turner and Paul Jillings get the clear water at the start with the OSY 400cc drivers having a race on their own as they all jostled for position going into the first corner.


Peter Rix got the start on David as both the classic 500cc hydroplanes entered the race as David tried for two or three laps to find a way past. On exiting the top turn on lap three David got the run on Peter and overtook as they came past the crowd at Oulton Broad. With Wayne Turner and Paul Jillings being in a class of their own out at the front, David had to settle for third place once again.




Two third place finishes was surprisingly enough to take third place overall despite the DNF in the first race. Second place went to Paul Jillings in the 350cc GRM powered Andick hydroplane with the overall win going to the impressive Wayne Turner in the 250cc VRP powered Trombetta hydro outfit.




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