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Daily Mirror Group Handicap: 09/07/09

Date added: 11/07/09

The hydroplane drivers were competing for the famous Daily Mirror Group handicap trophy on Thursday night. The Area 31 Racing Team were in the thick of the action all evening narrowly missing out on taking the fantastic trophy home for the fourth time.

Area 31 Racin competing for the Daily Mirror Group Handicap Trophy


The team gave the 1973 500cc Konig a well deserved rest and competed with a similar three port 500cc Konig engine and the restored Cabover hydroplane.


Being a group handicap event, the first race saw the Area 31 Team driver David Jones start the race last, alongside the 500cc powered hydroplane of Peter Rix who have competed against each other since the late 1970's. Both drivers had to hunt down the 400cc Yamato Powered hulls of Craig Speller, Rob Hales, Mike Pacey and Joshua Wright who had over a one and a half lap advantage as the two 500cc powered hydroplanes entered the race.


As the two classic 500cc hydroplane outfits raced towards the Wherry turn it was David who was able to keep the inside line and power away from Peter Rix up the back straight. Lapping at an impressive 40 seconds, David was able to make up the deficit on the Yamato powered hulls of Speller, Pacey, Hales and Wright and take the first heat win from Peter Rix in second and Craig Speller coming home third.


The second race saw the two 500cc classic hydroplanes once again rolling across the start line together looking to make up the handicap deficit on the 400cc Yamato powered crafts.


This time it was Peter Rix who was able to get the better of David as they raced towards the Wherry turn. For two laps Peter Rix was able to keep David at bay as they both unlapped themselves trying to catch the leaders and make up the handicap deficit.

Peter Rix in the classic 500cc hydroplane outfit

On lap three at the top turn David got along side Peter Rix and tried to go up the inside on the corner but Peter shut the door giving David a face full of water. However as the raced down to the start finish line to complete another lap David was about to get his revenge.


As they raced towards the Wherry turn with Peter Rix just ahead they approached Mike Pacey in the Yamato powered hull. With Peter keeping the power on around the outside and Mike Pacey turning in tight it seemed that David had nowhere to go. However David was able to use all his experience and majestically put the 500cc powered restored hydroplane inside both Mike Pacey and Peter Rix, powering away up the back straight trying to catch the leaders to the delight of an excited commentator Phil Willard.

David entering the wherry turn inside Mike Pacey

Having battled with the fellow 500cc classic hydroplane of Peter Rix, David was unable to make up the deficit on the Yamato powered crafts. However with three of the Yamato drivers adjudged to have started early David was promoted to second place behind race two winner Craig Speller with Peter Rix third.


The start of the final race saw David get the better of Peter Rix on the run in and was able to power away in pursuit of the leaders. With the classic 500cc Konig powering the restored Cabover hydroplane to fourty second laps it was looking like David would catch the Yamato powered craft of Craig Speller and take the Daily Mirror Group handicap trophy home for the Area 31 Racing Team. Suddenly at the top turn the boat came to a sudden stop and David's race was over leaving Craig Speller to take the overall win with consistent driving throughout the evening with Peter Rix taking second overall.


On inspection it was identified that the throttle bolt had snapped causing the engine to stop. Although finishing third overall it was a dissapointing way to end the evening for the Area 31 Racing Team, although David seemed to have enjoyed pleasing the crowd with the overtaking maneuver at the Wherry turn and the battle with fellow classic hydroplane racer Peter Rix.





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