2009 Club Racing Dates
Oulton Broad
Date Time
25th Apr 6.00pm
2nd May 6.00pm
6th May 6.00pm
16th May 6.00pm
23rd May 6.00pm
6th Jun 6.00pm
13th Jun 6.00pm
20th Jun 6.00pm
27th Jun 6.00pm
4th Jul 6.00pm
11th Jul 6.00pm
18th Jul 6.00pm
25th Jul 6.00pm
1st Aug 5.45pm
8th Aug 5.30pm
15th Aug 5.30pm
26th Aug 4.00pm
8th Sep



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Area 31 Racing: Cabover and Konig project

1973 500cc Konig Powered Classic Cabover Hydroplane Restoration

The Area 31 Racing Teams second restoration project was to restore an old Cabover hydroplane similar to a hull the team used to compete with during the 1980s powered by a 500cc Konig engine.

The abandoned Cabover hydroplane prior to restoration

Once again the team managed to trace down an abandoned hydroplane in need of some care and attention and set about restoring the hull back to its former glory.


With the hydroplane back in the Area 31 Racing team garage it soon become clear that once again the team would have to completely rebuild the hull as rot had set into the framework (pictures above). The team took the necessary measurements making templates from the dilapidated hydroplane where possible and set about rebuilding the Cabover designed hydroplane from scratch.

The framework being built for the Cabover hydroplane

As with the first restoration project, the first stage of the rebuild was too create the stringers and framework for which the bottom and the decks of the hull would be built around. Probably the most time consuming part of any rebuild, it is essential the frame work is correct to ensure the boat is not only rigid but also streamlined to get air underneath the hull. The whole purpose of hydroplane racing.


With the framework in place, the Area 31 Racing Team were able to firstly fit the bottom to the Cabover style hydroplane, after which the hull was turned over so the decks could be fitted. The pure white paint scheme representing the original Cabover hydroplane Area 31 Racing competed with during the 1980's completed the rebuild of the hull.

The Restored Cabover hydroplane

To complete the rebuild the team had to restore the 1973 500cc Konig engine. The engine was completely dismantled with the Pistons, Carburetors, Crank, and lower units all repaired and rebuilt to ensure the 1973 500cc Konig engine could have the best chance to run at its full potential. Once again Pavel Konny from Konny Motors played a pig part in ensuring parts could be sourced to ensure the Konig engine could be rebuilt.

1973 500cc Konig engine being rebuilt

The Area 31 Racing Team relaunched the 1973 500cc powered Konig Cabover hydroplane in 2008 and before the end of the season were not only setting impressive lap times for a classic powerboat outfit, but they were also winning races again too.

The restored Konig Powered Classic Cabover hydroplane relaunched


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