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Area 31 Racing: Rhune and Crescent project
©Richard Johnstone-Brydon


1964 500cc Crescent Powered Classic Hydroplane Restoration

The first restoration project for the Area 31 Racing Team was the 1964 500cc Crescent powered classic lay down hydroplane, that was found abandoned at the bottom of a garden in a dilapidated state that used to be raced by Swedish driver Leif Norland during the 1960s.

The abandoned hydroplaneThe rotten sponsonsInside the old hull shows the rotten framework

With the original Crescent engine still attached to the hydroplane, the Area 31 Racing Team took the abandoned outfit away to in the attemtp to restore it back to its former glory.


On closer inspection, it soon became evident due to the extensive rot, (pictures above) the restoration project would become a complete rebuild should the team wish to get the classic outfit back on the water again.


The team took measurements from all angles of the battered hull and where possible took templates and measurements from the stringers and framework that made up the shape of the classic hydroplane. With all the measurements taken and the plywood purchased it was time to start rebuilding the classic outfit.

The framework and stringers are put togetherThe completed framework beginning to look like a hydroplane again

The first stage of the rebuild was too create the stringers and framework for which the bottom and the decks of the hull would be built around. This proved to be a time consuming process but gradually the framework came together and the hull began to take shape.


The bootom is put onto the rebuilt classic hydroplaneThe decks were attached to the rebuild


With the framework in place, the Area 31 Racing Team were able to firstly fit the bottom to the classic hydroplane, after which the hull was turned over so the decks could be fitted. With the plywood of the rebuilt hydroplane treated, the red and black paint scheme representing the similar Crescent powered hydroplanes Area 31 Racing competed with during the 1970s was applied, and the restoration of the hull was complete.

The Paint scheme is applie to the rebuilt classic hydroplaneThe paint scheme is applied to the hullThe restored classic hydroplane

To complete the rebuild the team had to restore the 1964 500cc Crescent Engine. Everything from the crank, carburetors, coils, to the lower unit had to be striped down, repaired or replaced and finding parts for a 1964 engine at times proved to be a stumbling block. With the help from friends Barry Turner, Graham Cook and also Pavel Konny from Konny Motors, Area 31 Racing were able to get the Crescent engine running again by repairing or at times rebuilding parts of the engine.

1964 Crescent engine prior to restorationCrescent engine being restored

With the 1964 500cc Crescent engine mounted to the restored classic hydroplane the Area 31 Racing Team relaunched the outfit back onto their local circuit at Oulton Broad and the older generation of powerboat fans were able to relive memories of years gone by.


The 1964 500cc Crescent powered classic hydroplane relaunched





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